A Star Wars Destiny podcast from Coaxium Gaming,hosted by Trey Dismukes and Jonathan Lowe


Decisively Blown

Aired August 31st, 2021

0:00 / 61:49

Jason Marchand joins Trey and Jonathan to discuss strong opinions about the ARH Reprint List, deckbuilding shenanigans, passionate reactions and preconstructed decks. Plus, we dig on Stormtrooper costumes, football fever and Tina Turner.


Meeting a Moff

Aired July 23rd, 2021

0:00 / 69:52

It's a supersized summer special covering: our encounter with Giancarlo Esposito; the recently-issued balance update; happenings in the Houston Destiny scene; and access to Wild Horizons! Plus, we dig on Roy Kent, Reddit and radio field trips.

Aired June 28th, 2021

0:00 / 35:30

We proudly unveil our new website! B.J. Vest reports from Salt Lake City about hosting a successful in-person tournament. Plus, we dig us some day trading, the Valley Heat podcast and all things Duran.

Aired June 16th, 2021

0:00 / 41:44

Trey and Jonathan explore the complexity involved in printing the new High Stakes set, then Mark Evans joins them to swap war stories from the recent ARH set release tournament. Plus, Loki, Bobiverse and JB Smoove!


Fresh Spoilers

Aired June 3rd, 2021

0:00 / 54:04

Homeboys Jason Marchand and Jordan Kruis join us for a sneak peek at three funky fresh red hero cards from ARH's upcoming High Stakes set. Plus, we share about what we've been playing lately, as well as gush over Clone Wars, potatoes and our favorite freestyle rappers!

Aired May 10th, 2021

0:00 / 44:52

We welcome back Johnny Danger to break down the Redemption late-cycle balance update, call out Han Solo's white privilege and gush about Hip-Hop Evolution.


Stakes Is High

Aired April 16th, 2021

0:00 / 41:15

In this episode, we have: tournament champ Rebel Traitor! A new set announcement! Sexy foil cards! Charitable contributions! Smash decks! ARH singles! Enthusiastic recommendations, plus lots and lots of exclamation points!


Vicarious Vacation

Aired April 4th, 2021

0:00 / 37:42

Just in time for delivery in your audio Easter basket, Jason Marchand joins us to sing the praises of Snowtrooper decks and regale us with adventures from Galaxy's Edge at Disney World.


Canto Bitten

Aired March 26th, 2021

0:00 / 53:51

We celebrate the success of the recent Canto Bight Galactic Open tournament by breaking it down with Elrathion, tournament winner Vika and our local homeboy Oeklampadius.

Aired March 19th, 2021

0:00 / 61:04

We're back to gush over our favorite new Star Wars Destiny decks and talk about other fan-led creations. Plus, retro arcades, binge-worthy TV, dead vikings and funky legends.

Aired March 5th, 2021

0:00 / 55:23

We've weathered cases of COVID, frozen pipes and dark days to emerge in the midst of a Redemption Renaissance! We chat with one of the set's card artists, revisit the release tournament and completely geek out over how awesome the state is of this fun game.


Lemme Smash

Aired January 18th, 2021

0:00 / 56:25

Hallelujah! In the name of the Favreau, the Child and the Force Ghosts, Johnny Danger joins us to experience the revelation of three new cards from the upcoming Redemption set.


Better By Design

Aired December 30th, 2020

0:00 / 65:53

After a 12-week hiatus, we finish the year strong with an insightful chat with Elrathion, design lead for the upcoming Redemption set from A Renewed Hope.


Autistic as F**k

Aired October 20th, 2020

0:00 / 60:51

Trey and Jonathan are joined by Brandon Funderburg and Jordan Kruis to recap the recent A Renewed Hope online tournament. The hate flows through them as they discuss Closing In/Continued and Bala-Bing, but they also find plenty to appreciate about the new meta. Dig it!

Aired October 16th, 2020

0:00 / 64:06

Faltering Allegiances is fresh off the press (or at least your printer) and we're joined by Johnny Danger to talk about which cards jump out at us, plus Marvel Champions, Schitt's Creek and the best birthday present ever!

Aired September 18th, 2020

0:00 / 63:48

Trey cops to making a cringey marketing video, we talk Transformations and Faltering Allegiances and we debate the merits and missteps of Christoper Nolan's Tenet. Plus, a rundown of what we're diggin'.


Wet A** Podcast

Aired August 16th, 2020

0:00 / 44:17

We ponder the merits of vigorous discussions, praise the mechanics of Destiny, review Chicken Heist and Pandemic Legacy, and celebrate the perpetuation of a disgusting junior high myth.

Aired July 25th, 2020

0:00 / 57:50

Jason Griffin joins us as we sip from Star Wars Destiny Transformations, Magic Jumpstart, Dungeon Mayhem, Dice Thrones and Cosmic Encounter Duels.

Aired May 25th, 2020

0:00 / 47:09

We're baaack! Just in time for Memorial Day, we've emerged from quarantine to fall in love again with this little ol' dice and card game. We discuss birthday cake, presents and poop jokes - what more do you want?


Covid Missions

Aired March 17th, 2020

0:00 / 65:51

With lots of time stuck indoors, we explore a variety of favorite new cards and pairings from the new set and share some non-Destiny picks as well.


Sweet Release

Aired March 4th, 2020

0:00 / 62:53

On the eve of Kingwood Hobbies' Covert Missions release event, we consider some potential gems from the new set. We discuss our side adventures with Netrunner, Outer Rim and Marvel Champions. Finally, we dig us some Marc Rebillet, some Drive to Survive and some Altered Carbon.

Aired February 17th, 2020

0:00 / 50:22

With Covert Missions finally arriving March 6, we tease Kingwood Hobbies' final release party, ponder some fun deck possibilities and geek out over some non-Destiny items.

Aired February 1st, 2020

0:00 / 66:39

In the wake of FFG's abandonment of Star Wars Destiny we consider some attractive alternative games to play, Joshua Shott relives his Las Vegas Open experience and we geek out over our latest non-Destiny favorites.

Aired January 14th, 2020

0:00 / 84:43

We relive a fun "40/40 Highlander" match, weigh in on what excites us about the recently-spoiled cards from Covert Missions and dig us some Samuel L. Jackson.

Aired January 6th, 2020

0:00 / 38:12

We speak with the winner and runner-up from Houston's first prime championship of 2020 and hear about their highs, lows and advice to players getting pumped up to play in future prime events.



Aired December 29th, 2019

0:00 / 38:21

Trey receives an email that nearly gives him an infarction, we go pitter-patter over The Mandalorian's season finale and we discuss several choices we "heartily" recommend.

Aired December 22nd, 2019

0:00 / 44:22

We hit the highlights from our Destiny holiday party, talk up the Jan. 4 Houston Destiny prime championship and relive our reactions to the opening night screening of Rise of Skywalker (WARNING: SPOILERS).

Aired December 14th, 2019

0:00 / 66:34

Trey discusses the upside to a lack of Mandalorian merch, we assess the recent Holocron document updates and Jason Griffin shares experiences of nurturing his local Destiny scene.


Holla at Ya Boyz

Aired November 30th, 2019

0:00 / 42:27

We pour one out for the recently defunct FLGS Beyond the Dungeon, Julio Terzado teases Houston's Dec. 7 Extra Life event and we dig some upcoming cards from Covert Missions.


Origin Stories

Aired November 19th, 2019

0:00 / 68:32

Trey Dismukes reveals the origin story of Kingwood Hobbies, Mark Evans breaks down his Top 8 run at the Austin Prime championship and Jay & Silent Bob win over the locals.